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Go Green

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Plan B for Your Golf Course: Protecting and Pursuing Development Rights
by A. Kimberly Hoffman, Esq.
Posted by JodiReilly on 07 Oct 2013 § Modified by Kimberly Hoffman on 27 Nov 2013
Golf Course Living: Renovating the View?
What rights do golf course community residents have vis-a-vis the golf club?
Posted by RobertHarris on 07 Sep 2012 § Modified by Robert Harris on 13 Sep 2012
What's an Environmental Golf Course?
Discusses the importance of integrating environmental technologies throughout the golf course.
Posted by MichaelHurdzan on 28 Aug 2008 § Modified by Clif Kussmaul on 03 Aug 2012
Plan for the Future
Life cycle planning allows for a club to anticipate and schedule maintenance and renovation based on likely replacement dates for each part of the golf course.
Posted by TomMarzolf on 17 Jan 2012 § Modified by Tom Marzolf on 17 Jan 2012
Grow the Game by Lowering Frustration
How the game is seen needs some rethinking!
Posted by MichaelHebron on 16 Sep 2011 § Modified by Michael Hebron on 19 Sep 2011
Branding Your Club's Green Initiatives
While 'Green' initiatives certainly have economic implications, it's important to also understand that members are interested in their club's brand message and what it stands for.
Posted by StephenReady on 03 Mar 2011 § Modified by Stephen Ready on 03 Mar 2011
Ryder Cup: Can Lessons in Affordable Golf be Learned From Celtic Manor?
A look at how much fun the competition was and how the love of the game- not the fringe elements- should be the impetus for operating an affordable golf course.
Posted by RichardMandell on 19 Oct 2010 § Modified by Richard Mandell on 19 Oct 2010
When There is Nothing Left to Cut but the Grass
America's Obsession with Lush Turf May Need to Change
Posted by ShaunHenry on 21 Jul 2010 § Modified by Marlene Stone on 21 Jul 2010
Trends In Golf
Trends in Golf
Posted by RonGarl on 13 May 2010 § Modified by Marlene Stone on 14 May 2010
Course Design for Reduced Inputs
Golf courses that set environmental goals can reduce overall operational costs.
Posted by MichaelHurdzan on 15 Mar 2010 § Modified by Michael Hurdzan on 15 Mar 2010
Golf Courses Benefit People and Wildlife
Tangible benefits of diverse environment for people & wildlife
Posted by MichaelHurdzan on 01 Mar 2010 § Modified by Michael Hurdzan on 01 Mar 2010

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