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Line Drawing And Long Putters
As the USGA ponders what to do with long putters, various suggestions have been posited.
Posted by RobertHarris on 05 Nov 2012 § Modified by Amanda Illingworth on 12 Dec 2012
A Pace of Play Resource for Facility Owners/Operators
Recent NGF Study and other industry groups put impact of slow play in perspective.
Posted by GregNathan on 12 Sep 2012 § Modified by Greg Nathan on 13 Sep 2012
2012 National Golf Foundation - Planned Research Releases
NGF 2012 - Golf Intelligence you can use to grow your business!
Posted by MarleneStone on 10 Jan 2011 § Modified by Marlene Stone on 17 Sep 2012
Maximizing Hard Goods Sales are hooked at the Hip with Player Development Programs
How custom club fitting coupled with professional instruction can maximize the customer experience and grow your bottom line.
Posted by KenMorton on 23 Apr 2010 § Modified by Jim Kass on 20 Apr 2011
Why is it critical to have a Player Development Program at your Facility?
Until every facility realizes they are a critical part of "Growing the Game," golf will remain flat or will decline.
Posted by KenMorton on 12 Mar 2010 § Modified by Lynnwood Brown on 04 May 2010
Can You Handle the Truth?
Building customer loyalty in the golf business is simple; so why is this an ongoing issue for golf course owners and operators across Canada?
Posted by JamesKeegan on 29 Nov 2012 § Modified by James Keegan on 29 Nov 2012

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