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About GolfBizWiki

GolfBizWiki is the collaborative effort of the golf business community to create and share information, examples, and opinions that contribute to successful facilities.

We want every GolfBizWiki article to be the single most accurate, most helpful one on that topic anywhere. We recognize that this ambitious goal will likely take years and the help of thousands of people to achieve. But we do take comfort in the fact that as we build it, GolfBizWiki gets noticeably better every month.

Be a member of our community. Visit to gain information, ideas, and advice. Contribute your knowledge and assistance. Help yourself, your facility, and the golf community to be even more successful.

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How Does GolfBizWiki Work?

GolfBizWiki is a wiki – a website built by collaborative effort. Any registered member of GolfBizWiki can write an article. Once the article is submitted, any other member can edit it. Over time, the quality of the article rises as many people make improvements.

GolfBizWiki works because we trust our members to behave in a manner which helps others. As a result, our members quickly remove inaccuracies, vandalism, nonsense, and material that is inappropriate for our community.

How Can I Help?

Please improve GolfBizWiki. There are many ways you can help, including content- or copy-editing an article, writing a new article, suggesting topics for new articles, thanking authors for relevant, well-written articles, and participating in discussions, to name a few.

If you need ideas for articles to write you can look at a list of suggested articles created by other members (look for link in left column or see Help article). Be sure to search first, though, as some of the suggested articles may have been written already.

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Some Guidelines

Consider the following when interacting on GolfBizWiki.
  1. Be civil. Be kind, supportive, and friendly to others. Assume good faith in other contributors. We are all here to develop, share, and use the acquired wisdom of the golf community.
  2. Be bold. If you think your action will advance our goal, do it!
  3. Don't spam us. Please only add external links if the site was used as reference for information you added to an article.
  4. Expect your writing to be modified, critiqued, and improved by others. Changes should be viewed in the spirit of improvement and not as a criticism of your approach or capabilities.

Want To Join The Community?

While you don't need to register to read articles on GolfBizWiki, registering and officially joining the community provides several advantages. By registering, you become a member of the GolfBizWiki community. That means you can write or edit articles, create a personal page, participate in discussions and forums, rate articles, thank article writers and editors, and communicate with other members. To register, click here or on Register in the upper right corner of most pages.

Keep up to date with what is happening at GolfBizWiki by reading the member forums.

Creative Commons Licensed

GolfBizWiki licenses all content under a Creative Commons License. This license allows GolfBizWiki content to be used freely by any organization or person for any non-commercial purpose. Allowing free republication of our content helps achieve GolfBizWiki's mission by offering our community’s acquired wisdom to more people.

How Does GolfBizWiki Support Itself Financially?

GolfBizWiki needs funds to sustain its operations, but rather than ask our users for contributions, we have chosen to seek corporate support from within the golf industry and other ad placements. We do not have pop-up ads, pop-under ads, spyware, etc. Our advertising is intentionally minimal. We think that tasteful sponsorship placements with minimal advertising is the most unobtrusive way to fund GolfBizWiki. Sponsorship and ad revenues are used to finance engineering expenses, site improvement/redesign costs, back office administration, and other projects which could not easily be accomplished through volunteers alone.

GolfBizWiki is “housed” within the National Golf Foundation (NGF), a not-for-profit trade association whose mission is to help golf business succeed. The NGF funded the startup costs of GolfBizWiki. Within the NGF, GolfBizWiki is run as a community service first and a business second. All "business decisions" are made with the realization the mission comes before profit concerns.

What Software Does GolfBizWiki Use?

GolfBizWiki is powered by TWiki, an open source software created by volunteers. It is available for free under the GNU General Public License.

How Can I Contact GolfBizWiki?

Please email us at We appreciate any feedback or ideas you have on how we can make GolfBizWiki better for you.


Originally posted by MichaelBrezin on 29 Sep 2008.
All contributors: ClifKussmaul, JoeBeditz, LynnwoodBrown, MichaelBrezin,

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